What We've Done...

Some of the many projects that we've done:

Program to operate ionic rocket thrusters and monitor their performance for space qualification

ATE system to test laser transmitter/receivers for "last-mile" fiber optics.
Return-to-service test program for inertial navigation systems for commercial aircraft.
Return-to-service test program for GPS navigation systems for commercial aircraft.
Program to control vibration testing of heart pacemakers and acquire and display results
VXI based tester for automated testing of high frequency RF chips.
Patient database to document and report heart angiography procedures.
Process control animation for wave solder machine.
System to test strength of large ropes for oil platform anchoring.
Camera control system for monitoring MEM chip production.












(We're still working on this page and plan to provided more info and pictures, but hopefully, you will get some idea of what we've done.)