Who We Are

Morphix Inc/Ltd was founded in 1991 by Jac Colby. Jac was previously a principal software engineer for Tektronix, Inc, in Portland, and before that, a Research Associate at Washington University in St. Louis. Jac holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science from Oregon State University. He has over 20 years experience in test and measurement software engineering and is a former member of the IEEE committee that developed the 488.2 standard. He is an active member of the IEEE, ACM, and ACM-Siggraph.

Clients include: Spectrolab, NASA JPL, L3 Communications, LA-DWP, Zonu Inc, Litton (Aero Products) Inc, RM Software & Electronic, Pacesetter Inc, Hughes Inc, Städtisches Klinikum Fulda, Coordinated Equipment Inc, Boeing (Satellite Systems) Inc, University of Southern California (ME Dept), MEC Gmbh, MemGen Inc, Validyne Engineering Inc, Electro-Magnetic Processes Inc, DPI Labs Inc, Technical Devices Inc, TrigTek Inc.

What We Do

Data Acquisition
This is where it starts.  We design systems and develop software for PC based systems (PXI/PCI/USB), VXI based systems, and bench top and rack mount  instrument systems, or any configuration thereof, to acquire data accurately and reliably. We have experience with a wide range of sensors and sense instruments, and when needed, call on the assistance of others.

Instrumentation Control
Instruments do the work. They source signals, they sense signals, and they handle devices-under-test - and it takes software to do it. We have developed DLL drivers (LabWindows/CVI, C/C++ VisualBasic) and G drivers for LabView. Our long experience with GPIB, USB, RS-422/232, and PC-bus interfaces for both well behaved devices and not so well behaved devices, assures accurate and reliable instrument control.

User Interface Design
It's people who control, monitor and interpret and they do it through the user interface. We design user interfaces for a wide variety of  environments including process control for both skilled and unskilled operators, test executive programs, characterization and development programs, and medical databases,  Our comprehensive understanding of color, layout, symbols, and human factors results in effective, easy to use program interfaces. 

Test Automation  
ATE is where it all comes together: data acquisition, instrument control, device-under-test control and handling, data analysis and reporting. We  wrap it all together in a single program, a series of programs or a flexible test-executive program according to the specific needs of the project..

Technical Documentation  
It ain't over until the documentation is done.|We do user manuals and other technical documentation - and we do them well.